CV and tips you should follow before you go and during your interview

Most of young people believe that in Serbia today is unthinkable to get a job without having some strong “connection”, there are offers that allow employment in a regular way. The regular way refers to sending a CV and a motivation letter to an advertisement and then on a selection process of the candidates through numerous and extensive testing and interviews, in order to finally reach the goal. We all know that job interviews are quite stressful, but we should prepare ourselves before we go to the interview and try to look confident, decisive and professional and also we should show respect for the recruiter. Now, we will give you few useful tips that you should follow during the process of seeking a job, as well as on the interview.

Tips to follow before sending your CV:

1. Get informed about business and the company’s policy for the position you are applying. All necessary information is available on the official website of a company but you can also find it through some friends, business partners, , seminars, workshops, etc.

2. Try to compose your CV so that it does not sound unrealistic but is consistent with your age, education and experience. So, avoid lying in a resume , as it would be revealed sooner or later. Try to emphasize your strengths and abilities.

Tips you should follow before you go and during your interview for a new job:

1. Try to be there on time, get up earlier and get ready without stress and hurry. If you have a Skype interview then you MUST check: your internet connection (if it is not the best go to your friend’s or to a internet café because you do not want to fail your interview due to the bad connection), make sure your camera works properly (the recruiter has to be sure that he/she is speaking with real candidate), check your profile photo and message on skype profile, it must not contain offensive or in appropriate content.

2. Dress yourselves appropriate, without any striking details and eccentric hairstyles and makeup. (if the interview is for a job in the field of art, then a dose of eccentricity is desirable )

3. Try to look focused, not haggard and indecisive. If you think that you do not have a clear image of what you want to do and in which areas you will be the best, or if you are not in the position to choose, do not let it be obvious.

4. Do not speak ill of your previous employer. None of your prospective employers want to hear that, because that means that they can be found in the same position.

5. Try to look interested, not passive. Try to ask logical and sensible questions, but only when the recruiter finishes with questions.

6. Be calm, but not too much. Try to find a golden middle, you should not seem neither too tense nor too relaxed.

Do not forget that the interview assesses not only your knowledge, but also your behavior, attitude, demeanor, manner of communication and appreciation of the recruiters. All of this is included into the final decision, will you go into the next round of selection and reach the goal or not!

These are just some of useful advices, which we are hoping will help you to get a job. Think positively, work on yourself, be informed about everything and be persistent.


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