Job advertisement – Waitress


Feron is a company engaged in mediation in employment with main focus on employment in the tourism and hospitality industry in the Middle East and on riverboats. For the needs of our clients in Dubai to announce the workplace:


Min. 2 years professional experience as waitress, ability to work in multinational environment, service-oriented and guest focused. Excellent English knowledge,

What employer provides:

Work visa, Airplane ticket, accommodation, transportation, food during the working hours, insurance, salary and tips, at least equal treatment with citizens of the UAE

What is expected from the candidates:

Knowledge of English, a willingness to work in an international environment, good service.

For applicants up to 27 years of age is enough basic experience in the field of catering, for candidates over 27 years is expected to at least 2 years of relevant work experience in 4* hotels.

For more information you can call 011 36 11 231.

If you want to apply, please send us your CV and two photos on email: [email protected]

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